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What we provide

As this site has no income to spend on facilities the service we provide is simple, but we hope useful.

Included in the things we make available are :- 

·         A link to a  free newsletter, EmotionalBuzz, open to all. There is also a website www.emotionalbuzz.com packed with news and useful information and a shop window to advertise workshops and products. Newsletter subscription instructions are on the website. The Buzz is interested in receiving all proposed news items, case studies, general information, book reviews etc related to meridian therapy. You can submit this  to info@emotionalbuzz.com

·         A free eGroup for discussion of all matters relating to Meridian Therapies.  This is open to all, beginner or advanced therapist and is intended for the free exchange of ideas on the subject.  On this list beginners are welcome and more experienced practitioners are encouraged to help along newcomers by answering questions and giving advice.  To join this group (you do not have to be a member of the Association to join) simply go to http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Meridian-Energy-MTT/ and follow the instructions.  Alternatively send an e-mail to the Association asking to be joined and someone will do it for you.

  • This Website, which is available free to all and which contains a growing amount of material for free download and use.  This material includes brochures and similar Energy based material all of which is copyright, but which anyone (not only Association Members) can use free of charge either as it is or as a basis for building their own material. If you have any problems with the downloading or modification of this material just ask on the eGroup.
  • Copyright material provided by Members as a service to all and this is found on this web site and in the files area of the Meridian-Energy-MTT eGroup. Although this material remains the copyright of the Members who provided it, it may be used free of charge for the common good.  All we ask is that you use it responsibly and give acknowledgement to the site or the providing member.
  • Educational Material is provided in the form of syllabuses for courses varying from simple two hour introduction courses to full practitioner training courses.  Educational material such as text and OHP slides are available in electronic form also free of charge.
  • The Site does not sell books, but it reviews books related to Meridian Therapies and provides a listing of books considered to be of good value and reasonably priced together with links to authors and stockists.

The site provides a listing of Practitioners for inspection by the general public when they are seeking treatment. The list only included practitioners we beleive are well trained, but members of the public should make their own judgement regarding the suitability of individual practitioners as the site is unable to make full checks on all those listed.  There is also a link to a Practitioner Location Map (at www.eftmx.com/map.php) where practitioners can at a pin to a world map to show were they practice and can add data to that pin about themselves - all free of charge


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