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Site Mission Statement

Meridian Therapies are the property of the world and should be freely available to all the people of the world. It is accepted that some particular Meridian Therapies have been developed by individuals, often at great expense and personal effort, and the originators deserve adequate re-imbursement for their efforts.  It is also understood that when therapists have spent time and effort (not to mention fees) in learning their therapy, they can expect to charge a fair fee for their services –  workers are always worthy of their hire.  While accepting these points there are many things that can be given freely to all.  On his retirement Gary Craig, the originator of  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), has given his therapy to the world and we try to follow his lead in making available information, data and materials for the use of all.  To this end all the material on this site, can be used free of charge, or other restriction, for the use of all in the hope that they will be used to further the cause of peace across the world.


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