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Holistic Health Support Group


The Holistic Health Support Group is a group headed by a conventional doctor who works within the NHS.  It has the intention of making an holistic approach to overall health possible using complemetary therapies in conjunction with conventional therapies within the NHS.

One of its tasks is to provide a register of recommended comlementary therapists who the NHS can call upon and who are able and willing to work co-operatively with the NHS service in various areas.

As a first step along this line step a Cancer Specialist Section of the register is being set up for use by NHS Oncologists and their staff when seeking help. The Group will be running workshops to train suitable registrants, but in order to speed the build up they are looking for therapists already experienced in this area who would like to be assessed to join the register.  If you would like to be considered for the register (which is free to join) please e-mail in the first instance to HolisticHealth99@AoL.com .

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