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Amazon reviews for 'Introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques'
Top recommendation - An outstanding ' tapping' resource for all levels., 4 April 2012
Rating  * * * * *
EFT Manual 2nd Edition
This is a review of the latest (2nd) edition of Gary Craig`s EFT manual
Rating  * * * * *
Even Though I Have Cancer .....
The is a book about cancer and cancer sufferers by EFT Master Emma Roberts
Rating  * * * * *
Enchanted Fairy Taps
A Child's Introduction to EFT
Rating  * * * * *
Dangerous Aspects
This is the first novel to include EFT as an itegral part of the plot. It is also a dam good read!
Rating  * * * * *
The Book Of Reframes
This book is a much needed goldmine of inspirational idesa
Rating  * * * * *
Full Circle, Banishing Fears and Phobias
Full Circle . In simplest terms EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture. We are still learning why EFT (and its many cousins) work so well. This book helps explains why and introduces Alister s own Meridian modality Ambit.
Rating  * * * *
The EFT Coach - ISBN 0954736117
Emotional Freedom Techniques for the Professional Coach - for EFT Practitioners and Professional Coaches as well as Self-help users interested in either EFT or coaching
Rating  * * * *
The Healing Power of EFT & Energy Psychology ISBN 0-7499-2679-1
This is a modern introduction to many aspects of Energy Therapy
Rating  * * * *
The Promise of Energy Psycholpgy ISBN 1-58542-442-0
This is a modern book covering a wide area of Energy Psychology
Rating  * * * *
Rose & the Night Monsters
Jo & Steve have very successfully managed to walk into a child's world and used the child in the story to experience the magical experience of EFT
Rating  * * * *
The Power of Intention
Wayne Dyers' research into "the power of intention", the energy that surrounds us all.
Rating  * * * * *
Success Unlimited with Energy Therapy
This book brings "Heal Yourself and others with Meridian Therapy" (by one of the same authors) bang up to date
Rating  * * * * *
Energy Psychology Interactive
For many years the definitive text on Energy Therapy was “Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden (ISBM 0-7499-1928-0), but over the years and after many reprints it is beginning to look dated, although I would still recommend it as a base for study.
Rating  * * * *
Heal Yourself & Others with Meridian Therapy
This book is beginning to look a little aged. It was only published in 2000 (reprinted in 2003), but Energy Therapies are advancing so rapidly that any book not updated in the last year or so must be dated to some extent.
Rating  * * * *
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