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EFT Manual 2nd Edition
This is a review of the latest (2nd) edition of Gary Craig`s EFT manual
Reviewed on
Gary Craig & Dawson Church

Complete review
This new edition of Gary Craig’s EFT Manual is more than just a modification of the 1st edition – it is more of a re-write.

The 1st Edition was published in 2008, but a large part of its text was taken from much earlier versions of his manuals. This new edition brings the text completely up to date. It is co-written by Dawson Church and covers a wider field. It is worth obtaining just to have Dawson`s contributions regarding the scientific background of EFT and the research supporting its effectiveness. However, it also contains Gary latest thoughts and the new form of EFT he is calling “Easy EFT”

I would strongly recommend it, even if you have the 1st Edition. It is available as a Kindle book and in hard copy from Amazon and is well worth its very low price

It is published by ‘Energy Psychology Press` (

The sections authored by Dawson are all new. Dawson provides much needed science based background to EFT and why it works. He also provides references to the considerable research he and others have done and have had published in various Peer Reviewed Journals. This will be invaluable when explaining EFT to those who are sceptic or who have not become aware of its value.

Much has been made of the changes in nomenclature, but I do no see this as significant. In most cases these changes have been in use for some time and will not cause problems. For instance the `Set-Up` statement has become `The Affirmation` and the tern `SUDS’ has become ‘Intensity Scale`

There are, however, some significant changes. For instance, the 1st Edition strongly recommended the use of the ‘Sore Spot’ rather than to ‘Karate Chop’ point against Psychological Reversal, but in this second edition only the ‘Karate Chop’ spot is suggested in line with much of current practice.

Gary has introduced a ‘new’ form of EFT he terms ‘Easy EFT’. Most of you will recognise this as the variation on ‘Borrowing Benefit’ as he used it on his DVDs to help individuals, rather than groups. This will be found in Appendix B in the new edition.

The Appendices have been completely re-written and are now up to date with details of the contents of his last sets of DVDs and containing revised and up to date references. As such they are much more useful than those in the 1st edition

I strongly recommend this new edition. It is currently available for immediate download from Amazon in Kindle format (with it’s useful electronic work search facility) and it will be available, also from Amazon, in hardcopy book from on 15th March 2011

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