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Dangerous Aspects
This is the first novel to include EFT as an itegral part of the plot. It is also a dam good read!
Reviewed on
Colin Winston Aldridge

Complete review

Dangerous Aspects                                    by Colin Winston Aldridge






Here we have a very exciting book – two books in one in reality.


Firstly it is a novel about a woman’s difficult divorce and a ‘good read’ it is too.  You can read it simply as a novel with its twists and turns, its murders and intrigues.  It is an entertaining novel you will not want to put down and it is worth reading.


The central character, Sondra Ackerman, finds her world turned upside down by the discovery of her husband’s involvement in drug racketeering. She did not realize that her decision to leave him and cooperated with the US Federal Authorities would result in the brutal murders of people she cared about and would put her precious children at dire risk. Sondra turns to her best friend, Connie, who is an alternative therapist, and eventually into the world of alternative health therapies when more traditional routes to help maintain her sanity collapse before her


Sondra is forced to flee with her children, from her husband’s world of danger to the US Government’s Witness Protection Program, where she struggles to stay alive.


The story follows a web of rage, murder and deceit from Philadelphia to Mexico recounting her evermore desperate attempts to avoid her husband’s increasingly more vicious attempts to uncover her whereabouts and to silence her.  When her children are involved the sakes become higher and Sondra must trust the local and federal authorities to save her family and a caring alternative therapy community to save her mind


The second thread is a life coaching manual.  The woman’s difficult situation produced almost intolerable stress causing her to seek therapy.  Her journey to successful therapy is cleverly entwined into the story of the novel.  You hardly notice it within the intricacy of the story, but the thread runs through the plot leading to a success which could stand as a lesson to us all when she tries Energy Psychology and is led to teach others Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)


You can read the novel first, but do not overlook the coaching manual.  Everyone deserves to read both aspects of this book.



 The Amazon web address is :-

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