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Full Circle, Banishing Fears and Phobias
Full Circle . In simplest terms EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture. We are still learning why EFT (and its many cousins) work so well. This book helps explains why and introduces Alister s own Meridian modality Ambit.
Reviewed on
Alister Bredee

Complete review

Table Of Contents


Page 4 Dedication


Page 5 Foreword by Dr. Tam Llewellyn- Edwards PhD.

Page 6 Introduction. “The Tao”

Page 7 Chapter one. “All About Me.”

Page 21 Chapter Two. “The Meridian Psychotherapies TFT, EFT etc”

Page 29 The Story of Prince Yang and Princess Yin

Page 31 The Tapping Points and what They do.

Page 42 EFT and How to use it.

Page 50 Chapter Three

Page 50 Dehydration

Page 51 Polarity Reversal

Page 56 Ocular Lock

Page 58 Collar Bone Breathing

Page 58 Psychological Reversal

Page 61 Energy Toxins

Page 62 Check it out.

Page 64 A Case History or Two

Page 68 Kinesiology/ Muscle Testing

Page 71 Chapter Four. The Dance of the Meridians

Page 81 What is AMBIT?

Page 86 The Chakras

Page 92 Ho’pono’pono

Page 93 Using AMBIT

Page 102 The Drop Through Technique

Page 105 Core Transformation

Page 107 The Healer’s Prayer

Page 108 Resources

Page 109 Meridian Wheel (Thanks


to Paul O’Connor)

It’s quite extensive and those who have bought the book all say how useful it is.

The cost of “Full Circle” in easy to read PDF format is $7.99 This is easily payable by credit card via Paypal.See

Many have seen Rhonda Byrne's recent movie  "The Secret", which has swept the planet with a wave of enthusiasm. The film suggests that you can have whatever you like in life according to the ancient "Law of Attraction". This is true, but the film omits to mention that you need to make some definite changes in thinking before the Law can work for you.

Alister's new e-book, "Energy Essence and Attractor Fields" shows in 10 chapters and 44,000 words, the potent power of "Attractor Fields"and how Levels of Consciousness are simply another way of describing vibrational frequencies. Everything vibrates at a specific frequency; in this vibrational world the higher the frequency the better life becomes. The book describes the potent power of "Attractor Field Therapy", which is one of several techniques you can use to break up the damaging effects of negative thought and move from disease to wellness. As you enter your natural state of joy and happiness you begin to vibrate at a frequency that matches your desires, and it's only then the desire can materialise.

Assignments and tasks make  "Energy Essence and Attractor Fields" an interactive journey of discovery. You can work through the exercises individually or form groups with which I shall be delighted to help.


Price $9.99 and as a thank-you for your purchase I am pleased to offer you a copy of "Full Circle" in e-format for only $1.00, a saving of $9.00. "Full Circle" shows you how to successfully use the Meridian Energy Techniques notably EFT and introduces my own take on Energy Medicine, AMBIT. Purchase of the book entitles you to join our   aft e-group which is there to formulate groups and encourage discussion.



. The First Chapter comes from a personal perspective but following Chapters take a serious look at how EFT, the Meridian Psychotherapies and Alister's own take on the issue “AMBIT” work and above all else how to use them.

Here’s a breakdown.

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