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The EFT Coach - ISBN 0954736117
Emotional Freedom Techniques for the Professional Coach - for EFT Practitioners and Professional Coaches as well as Self-help users interested in either EFT or coaching
Reviewed on
Mary L R Jones

Complete review
This is the book for me – EFT is not a therapy it’s a technique to use – and Mary makes it perfectly clear how it can be, and IS used with coaching. I too have battled in the past with the idea about EFT with therapy and about using EFT with coaching and Mary makes the difference very clear. As a psychotherapist I use EFT, as a coach I use EFT, in different ways. EFT is soooo versatile it’s wonderful, and it’s wonderful that Mary has written this book and spelt out the difference. Inside this superbly dippable-into and readable book the reader will find useful sections on ‘Ethics and Principles’ as well as ‘Fundamentals’ which apply to coaching and EFT, useful information on ‘EFT for the Coach’ and ‘EFT for the Client’ plus one on ‘EFT as a Key to Change’ and an extremely useful section called ‘A-Z of Coaching Specialities’ and very helpful for the beginner to EFT and coaching ‘Integrating EFT into your Coaching Practice’. A definite must for everyone who uses EFT and works with clients and goals and beliefs. I wish I had written it!
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