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Philip Wade Bsc (Hons) CEng MICE , BSc
Thornberry, Thornton Steward, North Yorkshire,Ripon,UNITED KINGDOM
Other Eduction
Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers
General EFT Practitioner
EFT Practitioner (Level 2)

To be advised when operational

About The Practitioner

The joy in my life has come from helping people whether as a child an adult, in business or healing. It is my life’s mission to help you realise that innate ability to heal your life.

I believe that if I can heal you can. What brings me to this view is my own personal journey. As well as an EFT Practitioner I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and will later this year (2008) be registered as a Quantum Touch Instructor. My background and family had absolutely nothing to do with healing and yet with dedication to a path of personal development spanning many years I have seen nothing short of miracles occur in front of my eyes. Like Joan’s fear of water my next door neighbour – she said:

The second session was a revelation. I could see and feel myself swimming calmly an unafraid in deep water. I also saw myself rising up and out of the water and knowing I was safe and wouldn’t drown. Philip certainly seems to have a gift.”


Actually of course the gift is EFT and I've explained this to Joan.


And similarly using Reiki and Quantum Touch:

"I have suffered with pain in the back of my neck and across my shoulders along with restricted movement for over 20 years. When Philip put his hands on me the heat was instant. Afterwards I could move my neck freely without pain or the awful crunch of bones that I normally experience as I turn my head. I was truly amazed - I felt as if I had a new neck!”

With a background as a Company Director, an Engineering Degree, a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers I have a very down to earth approach. I can explain the mechanics of energy healing simply and the Spirituality which I find is enormously helpful and reassuring to people particularly in overcoming scepticism.

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