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Rowena Beaumont ,
Pax Cottage 81 Bere Lane Glastonbury BA6 8BE,Somerset,UNITED KINGDOM
Other Eduction
Certificate in Education (Cert.Ed.) - Professional Teaching Certificate - Kingston University. Practitioner of Energy Interference Patterning of DNA (EIP), Holographic Healing of Ancestral DNA, Co-creator of Emotional Freedom 'Light' Techniques
General EFT Practitioner
EFT Trainer
EFT Practitioner (Level 3)
EFT Practitioner (Level 2)
EFT Trainer of Trainer
Energy Therapists
Matrix Reimprinting

01458 835054
0776 996 4441
Awards & Achievements
I am extremely privileged to have facilitated the Training of over 100 Usui Reiki & Angelic Masters and Teachers, some are in different parts of the World. I became the first Magnified Healing 'Light' Practitioner in the UK in 2001 and have facilitated the Training of over 234 Magnified Healers and 'Light' Practitioners and have run EFT Training Courses all levels since 2002. I became an EFT Trainer of Trainers in 2009 and co-ordinated a Conference for EFT Trainers in Glastonbury 2010. My newly designed course Emotional Freedom 'Light' Techniques which is an extension of EFT was fully accredited and approved in October 2010 by CThA and AAMET. I helped put together a book called 'Rainbow through Clouds' to raise funds for a charity providing support to families with a terminally ill child. The book has sold over 100,000 copies and has raised over 100.000

About The Practitioner

As a Trainer, Practitioner, Designer of Learning Programs, Researcher and Pioneer my passion is to discover how quickly people are able to clear their past programming, blockages, limitations, emotional and physical pain and to compassionately support them on their life's journey. I am naturally a healer and specialize in the releasing of emotional blockages. My gift is that I unblock energy in people's energy fields and they are able to move forward. I came across EFT in 2002 and immediately introduced it into my healing and teaching practice with phenomenal results. EFT then became my main work.

I am a member of CthA - Complementary Therapists Association & Complementary Lecturers Association, ICRT - International Centre for Reiki Training, UKRF - UK Reiki Federation and College of Psychic Studies.

I offer my newly designed course Emotional Freedom 'Light' techniques which is an extension of EFT adding a new dimension.I also offer EFT Treatments and Training Courses (all levels) in Glastonbury Somerset, Bath and Guildford Surrey. Free 15  minute telephone consultations also available as well as EFT Telephone & Skype Sessions Worldwide. Contact details are: Telephone: 01458 835054 or 07769964441 email:






What is EFT, article in More to Life magazine firt issue September 2006. This was to enable those who are unable to afford Treatments and Training Courses to have access to Founder Gary Craig's website, download the manual and gain as much information as possible so that they too can learn EFT. Paradigm Shift Magazine 2010, Emotional Freedom 'Light' Techniques a new course designed by Rowena
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