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emma roberts ,
4 Nicosia Road,,London SW18 3RN,UNITED KINGDOM
Serious Diseases
EFT Master Practitioner
EFT Trainer
EFT Practitioner (Level 3)
EFT Practitioner (Level 2)
EFT Trainer of Trainer
Energy Therapists
BSFF Practitioner

020 8704 4704
07885 105 863
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EFT Master

About The Practitioner

Emma Roberts is based in London, and is a full time EFT practitioner and trainer. She is co-founder of The EFT Centre in London ( with Sue Beer, offering a wide range of EFT trainings from Level 1 - 3 and specialist trainings in the fields of Sexual Abuse and Trauma, Addictions ( Healing the Addicted Heart, The Five Stages of Transformation), Cancer (Living with Cancer), Opening to Love, Fertility and Weight Loss. She was also involved with organising the very successful first EFT Masterclass in London last October gathering a variety of international EFT Masters together to showcase their new work with EFT. For full details of The EFT Centre trainings please go to Emma and Sue also run regular evening group EFT sessions in Central London, using Borrowing Benefits as a means of allowing a greater population to really experience EFT working for them, and getting it out there! Emma believes that EFT is a practical tool to be shared with everyone, and this is at the core of all her work. Emma has a full time practise in Wandsworth, South West London and also runs a clinic at Westover House Medical Practise ( specialising in treating fertility issues with EFT, as part of a fully integrated team of medical and complementary health practitioners. She also works at Breast Cancer Haven, a charity involved in the support and healing of anyone suffering from breast cancer, offering group workshops and individual sessions. When she originally began working in the fields of both fertility and cancer Emma believed that EFT would be primarily useful in managing the stress responses to the different diagnoses. Now experience would dictate that the possibilities of working with EFT are more far reaching than she ever imagined. She is passionate about her work, and so excited, as she gets to witness miracles on a near daily basis. We really don?t know what is possible! Emma specialises in the highly sensitive area of sexual abuse and trauma and believes that EFT is the missing link in fully resolving these past issues and allowing us to move forward in our lives in a whole new way. It is a very gentle and safe way of working, and the work itself is both beautiful and transformational for both client and a joy to witness.

Addictions & Substance Abuse EFT for Trauma
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