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Immanuel Yosef Legomsky , MA
POB 8387,Tzfat,ISRAEL
Other Eduction
Chassidic Rabbi, EFT, NLP, and Advanced NeurOptimal Pro EEG Neurofeedback Trainer,Master Hypnotherapist
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EFT Trainer
EFT Trainer of Trainer
Energy Therapists

Awards & Achievements
Israel National Health Insurance has paid our student's salary as a city employed social worker for EFT work in family and terror traumas through our non- profit Israel Trauma Care: official financial government recognition. Have trained many professionals including city employed psychologists, and worked officially in war zones.

About The Practitioner


Present with you to listen and reflect your inner clues, compassionate rapport connects to help you see and feel new comfort, enabling you to resource and heal yourself! Surprised together--we laugh, and move spontaneously, intuitively! I am  a guide who helps you connect spiritually to heal yourself via your inner spritiual connection. Feel free to call

Founder of Jewish Light Healing (Emunah & Rachamim)  and of Israel Trauma Care (ITC), providing free outreach psychotrauma care for terror victims and their families since 2001. Learned EFT in 1995--thousands of sessions experience. Director ITC certification program for practitioners, group facilitators, and trainers which has trained nearly 600 students. Director of AAMET Israel: Official licensing branch for Meridian Energy Therapies in Israel Specialization in psychophysiological based treatment of emotional problems. Certification in more than 30 healing modalities including: Meridian Therapies, NLP Trainer, Advanced NeurOptimal Pro EEG Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, 1-1 Tapas trained in TAT , Author of Jewish Therapeutic Treatment Meditation Co-author of AAMET Complete Meridian Mind Body Tune Up Daily Exercise and Self-Treatment Program,  Short Term, Crisis, and Family Counseling Methods, TIR, Somatic Experiencing, , Guided Visualization, Vibroacoustic Music Therapy, Electric Acupuncture, Applied Kenesiology, Acupressure and NeuroCranial Restructuring, Trained Faciliator for the Center of Mind Body Medicine. Or HaBinah Healing Master. Private practice in Energy Psychology based therapies. Presents Energy Psychology Workshops/Live Seminars internationally.,, Executive Director of

Many news and magazine articles written on our Trauma work and Training Courses in Israel, radio interview #164
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