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Alina Frank ,
6500 Roosevelt Blvd NE ,Seattle ,UNITED STATES
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Certification in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting
Sexual Issues
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EFT Trainer of Trainer
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Awards & Achievements
Independently rated top EFT coach

About The Practitioner
In my mid thirties I found myself sick from an incurable condition, overweight,and in a marriage that wasn't working and hadn't worked in over 10 years. I had the strong belief that my only choice was to remain financially dependent on my husband. My children were young and my focus was on being a stay at home mother. I also created a small part-time healing arts practice working with women postpartum. One of the things that saved me from losing my sanity completely was my strong connection to God. One important event that happened during this time was that I worked with a woman who had terrible post C-section pain, infections and her child was not thriving. I led her through a meditation where she was able to forgive her doctor and the following day all her symptoms as well as her child's disappeared! Interesting! Immediately following the attacks on NYC and D.C. on 9-11 I had an overwhelming need to leave the Northeast and live a life that was more in alignment with who I was. I desired a place that was more rural yet culturally sophisticated and that also had alternative forms of education for my children. This dream life would somehow be in a close knit progressive community, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, and a strong sense of something I vaguely described as home. I also knew that after years of forgoing home ownership in order to stay at home and send my children to private school, I really wanted our children to feel the security of living in their own house. On my list of must-haves was a view that would remind me of the power of manifestation. The first thing I did to try to make my dream come to fruition was to start a Law of Attraction (LOA) group. Within a matter of months the course of action to take was revealed and I had stumbled upon an island in the Northwest that would fit the description of what I was longing for. That clear 'calling' was confirmed with one brief visit and slowly but surely people, and circumstances came into my life to assist us in moving across the country. During this time I did notice that there were people in that LOA group that were always sick, in bad relationships, or broke in spite of the appearance that they were doing their 'work'- they stated their affirmations, created their vision boards, and spent hours visualizing what they wanted. Interesting! Within a year we bought a beautiful home, in the town we wanted, on this magical island, with a view of the water and snow-capped mountains. The next gnawing question for me was what I wanted to do with my live in terms of making a difference. At the time my money pressures were somewhat relieved since the cost of living was significantly lower but I knew that I wanted to work outside the home. A still small voice kept telling me to wait. While I waited I kept analyzing what it was that had finally opened the door to this quick succession of manifestations. Why had we been able to achieve this when others hadn't? I remembered one moment during the time of our time in D.C. where I suddenly said, 'I am letting go and letting God! If I am meant to move then God will show me how.' At that moment I allowed. This had made the difference. I suddenly realized that I had never in my 12 year quest to find a way to heal from my condition asked God! I did and within a week got the letters E.F.T. in my head! I went on line and after realizing that God hadn't meant electronic funds transfer I scrolled down several pages to find the other EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques. The rest as they say is history. In a holy instant I realized why my client years ago had healed with forgiveness and the emotional contributing factors to illness. I realized why I hadn't been able to heal after trying at least 30 different modalities. I realized why those people I'd known had not manifested wealth, health, and love when they were consciously doing everything to try to make that happen. Within a few years I continued to use EFT on myself to establish a full-time private practice working with women in the position I had been in, became one of a few EFTU and Matrix Reimprinting trainers in the world, created a sustainable career where I could support myself and my children quite well, and have the relationship that has surpassed all of wildest dreams. All of my online products including When To End It, When to Stay and Path2Passion are a result of the work I have done on myself and for the thousands of women who have allowed me to assist them on their sacred journeys to wellness in all areas of their lives. If I can assist you in any way please contact me directly through email or phone.

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