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Karen Hayes , BA
P.O.Box 4066 Visalia Ca. 93278,Visalia/Santa Cruz Ca.,UNITED STATES
EFT Trainer
EFT Practitioner (Level 3)
EFT Trainer of Trainer
Matrix Reimprinting

Awards & Achievements
EFT Ultimate Practitioner Course 2011. Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Zoe Walton, Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine & ADV- EFT Practitioner. In this training I spent 9 days with EFT Master Lindsay Kenny and Zoe Walton. Only 12 students to approximately 5 trainers a day! The Pro EFT Trainers: Dr. Jenny-Viva Collisson, MD.; Norman McVea, PhD, author of Energy Psychology Victor Lee Lewis, Founder & Director of 'Radical Resilience Institute'. Kate Winch H.T., C.M.T Valerie Ozsu MSN, CNM, NP, of Project Giving Hope, Hope for Cancer Patients and their Caregivers * Stephanie Tran Pro EFT/Pro ER Practitioner specializing in Abundance EFT- Fundamental Course-CC, taken twice 2007 & 2008. Dr. Pat Carrington, EFT Master. EFT- Advanced Course-CC, 2008. Dr. Pat Carrington, EFT Master. Matrix Reimprinting with EFT, 2011. Karin Davidson, AAMET Co-Founder. EFT Trainer. Karin is the only U.S. Matrix Reimprinting Trainer Advanced EFT Techniques and Quick Remap, 2008. Robin Yoshida Matrix Energetics Level 1 & 2, 2008. Richard Bartlett Z Point for Peace, 2010. Grant Connelly Life Coaching, 2011. Steve G. Jones

About The Practitioner


My PASSION for EFT and Meridian Tapping Techniques is limitless, boundless and inexhaustible.


In finding Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, I knew I had found the miraculous tool I had been searching for my entire life. I had spent 30 years trying to embody positive healthy beliefs, with a lot of work and only short term success. EFT was been by far the tool that has been responsible for making my dreams come true.


I wanted to be the great EFT practitioner so I practiced EFT FOR FREE for 6 years. I practiced on hundreds of people from all walks of life. And I continued to study every new development in EFT and energy therapy that I could get my knowledge-hungry hands on, and still do.


 I have been practicing EFT for almost 9 years now and have taken every course imaginable along with listening to Podcasts, teleseminars and webinars, weekly. Guess it’s all worth it because. . . MY CLIENTS GET RESULTS QUICKLY.  Almost without fail, I have clients tell me that they have tried everything under the sun before coming to me, and finally got results. I have over a hundred lengthy  ‘’thank you from the bottom of my heart” letters.


Because I want to give my clients my absolute personal best I only work with 2 clients per day. That ensures my clients get a refreshed, seriously focused and enthusiastic practitioner.


My new Passion is teaching

My intention is to teach people to master EFT on themselves and extend this miracle to the rest of the world. I want my students to leave my classes having the organic experience of EFT, having so much knowledge that confidence and inspiration move them to use this incredible modality in every aspect of their lives.   


 I have been working on my course materials for over three years and am confident that people taking my course intensive will have the best, most complete understanding of EFT possible. Most EFT courses give incomplete instruction in an effort to sell you their next workshop, without imparting enough knowledge or experience to utilize the information successfully on themselves, let alone others.  

If you feel a pull towards having a session with me or taking my courses I will be most honored. Thank you and great love to you, Karen

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