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Tam Llewellyn-Edwards , PhD
'Ty Goch', 4 St Mary's Mews,DN11 9LR,Tickhill, S Yorkshire,UNITED KINGDOM
Other Eduction
Registered Homeopath (ARH)
General EFT Practitioner
EFT Master Practitioner
EFT Trainer
EFT Practitioner (Level 3)
EFT Practitioner (Level 2)
EFT Trainer of Trainer
Energy Therapists
BSFF Practitioner

01302 743113
Awards & Achievements
Tam was initially trained as a homeopath, but now largely used EFT and other Energy Therapies in his practice. He is a master EFT Practitioner - a status awarded by Gary Craig the founder of EFT and holds Gary Craig's Hornous Level EFT certification. He is also qualifed to practice and Teach other Energy Therapies

About The Practitioner

Tam is a EFT Master (the first in Europe), and works from a Complementary Therapy Clinic in Tickhill, S. Yorkshire, UK. At that clinic he takes private clients on a one-to-one basis and also teaches EFT and other energy therapies. He will also undertake telephone therapy sessions from all over the world when clients cannot attend personally at the clinic

If you want help in using Energy Therapy for freedom in your life he would love to be your guide. Energy Therapy is the most versatile therapy for both emotional and physical pain. I know I can help you to reconnect with your birthright of health, joy and peace of mind.

PLEASE RING to have an informal chat or e-mail. I will give you my time for this as a gift to you, as I am are always happy to talk to prospective clients by phone or e-mail in order to let them decide if I am the right therapist for them and if Energy Therapy is the therapy they need. I love Energy Therapy and love using it to help my clients. Give me a ring or send an e-mail and I will be pleased to discuss your needs. If I can help you I surely will.

My contact details are :- Website: Email: Telephone: 01302 743113 Fax: 01302 742346

Tam has completed Criminal Records Bureau (CBR) Vetting by the Independent Safguarding Authority (ASA) vetting abd barring Scheme and has been cleared to work with children and vunerable adults

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