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Peter Donn , BSc
2 Love Lane, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire WD4 9HN (Also at: The Ella Clinic, 106 Harley Street, London W1G 7JE),Hertfordshire,UNITED KINGDOM
EFT Trainer
EFT Practitioner (Level 3)
EFT Practitioner (Level 2)

01923 260 050
07941 221 635
Awards & Achievements

About The Practitioner

Peter Donn Bsc (Hons), EFT-ADV, C.P.MET, ITEC (A&P), M.AMT, M.AAMET, TFT Dx

Root-Cause Healing TherapyPeter has a wealth of experience helping people into their freedom through the very latest techniques, to include EFT, in which he is an Advanced Level 3 Practitioner and trainer. EFT is integrated into a powerful healing system called Root Cause Healing Therapy which is designed to quickly find the true emotion-based root causes of any issue or symptom you care to name - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. For example:

EFT Level 3

        • Stress
        • Anxiety
        • Trauma
        • Blocks
        • Sexual Abuse
        • Life purpose
        • Depression
        • Panic Attacks
        • Cancer
        • Chronic Fatigue
        • Back & neck pain
        • Stubborn issues of any type
        • Reality creation (blocks to manifesting your dreams)

Depending on the individual, Peter will either offer straight EFT or suggest Root Cause Healing Therapy (which itself could result in the use of EFT).  He also often uses TFT (Thought Field Therapy) upon which EFT is based.  In my experience, TFT can often help more difficult cases or provide a faster resolution of complex emotional states.

In Root Cause Healing Therapy, where necessary, Peter uses an extraordinary technique called Psycho-kinesiology. This is a way of using the muscles of your body as a gateway into deeply unconscious information. Your muscles become strong whenever your body is exposed to a “Truth”, so this feedback enables all manner of questions to be asked directly to the deep wisdom inside you. Sometimes, this reveals you are holding heavy metal toxicity in your body which often blocks you emotionally. Peter has a way of helping you to clear this using the subconscious mind as well as nutritional methods occasionally.

ScenarHe also uses a powerful technology called Scenar (aka InterX) to work directly on Musculo-skeletal problems, possibly in conjunction with emotional work. This is extremely effective with back, neck and joint stiffness, pain and inflammation.


Transformative Counselling using Root Cause Healing Therapy / EFT is also offered.Counselling


Member of :

The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy techniques,

The Association for Meridian Therapies,

The British Thought Field Therapy Association

The Association for Thought Field Therapy

The British Complementary Medicine Association

Peter works from:
London W1 (Harley Street)
Hertfordshire (Kings Langley)
Face to face or by phone
To book a consultation, please call 01923 260 050
Email: info @
Web: or

Root-Cause Healing, Positive Health Magazine, August 2005
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