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Christine Macklen ,
70 Exeter Road,Welling, Kent DA16 3LA,UNITED KINGDOM
Womens Issues
EFT Practitioner (Level 2)

07930 667820

About The Practitioner

I started exploring the world of complementary therapies in 1999, becoming a qualified massage therapist.  The following year I added aromatherapy and life coaching to my skills.  I discovered EFT in 2008 and was amazed at how simple it is and how incredibly effective at helping people get over problems that have held them back from living a truly happy and healthy life.

We women are notorious for spending our lives making sure everyone else is safe and happy, putting ourselves last, because often there doesn't seem to be enough time or money left for us to follow our hearts. 

No more ladies!  EFT is the answer - get over your blocks, discover what your heart is longing for and make a plan to live your life to the full.  Now is the time.  Are you ready?  I am!

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