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Velichka Lipcheva ,
Registered on : 01/10/2010    
Vendula Benesova ,
Registered on : 16/01/2010    
Vera Ivanova ,
bvl. Vasil Levski 98, Sofia, BULGARIA
Registered on : 23/08/2009    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Vesselka Christova , MD
22 Murphy Str., 1505 Sofia, Bulgaria , SOFIA, BULGARIA
Registered on : 27/07/2009    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Vanessa Brown ,
19, Carrhill Road, , Mossley , Tameside OL50QT, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 23/12/2008    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Vivienne Fogel ,
105a Rathcoole Gardens, Hornsey, N8 9PH, London, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 27/10/2008    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Val Fossey ,
willow end cottage, ampthill road, maulden, bedfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 09/10/2008    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Vanessa (Ann) Brown , BSc
Greenways Worsted Lane East Grinstead West Sussex H19 3UF, East Grinstead, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 06/08/2008    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Veronica Williams ,
24 Newshaw Lane, Hadfield, Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 2AR England UK, Glossop, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 11/02/2008    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Victor Kendal ,
21 Spring Close, Latimer, Bucks. HP5 1UH, Amersham, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 20/11/2007    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Valerie Solis ,
11 Waterloo Gardens Penylan CF23 5AA, Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 09/11/2007    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Veronica Hansmann ,
Ramoyle,, Dunblane, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 06/11/2007    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Vathani Navasothy ,
Clinic in London & Surrey areas, Croydon, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 26/10/2007    Speciality: Sexual Issues
Victor B Pengelly ,
1 Harewood Park, Andover SP11 6LH, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 16/08/2007    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Victoria Robinson , BA (Hons) Psychology
23e Victoria Street, Holmfirth, Huddersfield. HD9 7DF, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 03/05/2007    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Valerie Stein ,
Middlesex (North West London), Edgware, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 19/10/2006    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Vicki McCarthy ,
13 Union Street, Greenock,, Inverclyde, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 10/10/2006    Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
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