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Ahmed Abd El Whab ,
Zahraa Nasr City, Cairo, EGYPT
Registered on : 03/08/2018     Speciality: Pain management
CHACHOUR Bachir , BA (Hons) Psychology
5 rue dela krachai Mokhtar ibn sina , Oran, ALGERIA
Registered on : 16/04/2018     Speciality: Relationships
Loredana Casola ,
Calle Avellano, Los Girasoles, San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante, Spain, Alicante, SPAIN
Registered on : 06/02/2018     Speciality: Stress & Anxiety
Julie Warrington ,
Moorbank Road Sandygate, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 08/08/2017     Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
afia al qodimy ,
K11, jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Registered on : 12/06/2017     Speciality:
, Mecca - Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Registered on : 21/12/2014     Speciality:
Brian McHugh ,
Registered on : 01/09/2014     Speciality: General EFT Practitioner
Alina Frank ,
6500 Roosevelt Blvd NE , Seattle , UNITED STATES
Registered on : 11/08/2014     Speciality: Sexual Issues
Jacob Colquhoun , BSc
Booker Avenue, Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 15/06/2014     Speciality:
Jacqueline Seddon , MA
13 Clumber Avenue, Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered on : 02/06/2014     Speciality: Womens Issues
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