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Welcome to the Energy Therapy Net

It is the intent of this site to provide a service to all those interested in Meridian and Energy Therapy, both lay persons and practitioners, so they can find out more about these new therapies. Access is made available to various practitioner lists, and workshops across the world. Book reviews and articles are provided covering all aspects of Meridian and Energy Therapy. It is intended that this site is dynamic and will be subject to regular change and updating. If you have any comments or would like to see other things posted here or to have other links, feel free to contact Tam, the web master, at

This Article introduces a new EFT / Matrix Re-imprinting Academy More
Hypnotherapy & EFT
In this article I, briefly, introduce myself as a therapist. Then, I describe how I became involved ... More
Crucial Tips on How to Deal with Severe Trauma
Shoshana explains how she deals with different levels of Trauma More
How to Quick Start Yourself with BSFF
This article describes the essential basics of BSFF, and takes the reader to the position where ... More
WHEE: Wholistic Hybrid derived from EMDR and EFT
WHEE is a method of self-healing that releases psychological and physical pains and stresses, ... More
Disaster Trauma: Emotional First Aid
When disaster strikes, its impact is far and wide. Those caught up in the immediate area can be ... More
Abreaction and transforming Trauma Tears to Healing Tears
After having noticed the concern that some practitioners feel about abreactions, Ranjana Appoo ... More

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EFT-Matrix Re-imprinting Academy
There is now a new EFT-Matrix Re-imprinting Academy which will provide EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting ...
New EFT Manual
A new version on the EFT Manual will be published in February 2014
National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence
The Energy Therapist World-Wide Net is a stakeholder with the National Institute for Health and ...

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