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 What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)?

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT as it is simply known, is a form of energy healing. It is classed as a cousin to acupuncture, or in laymans terms, as ''''DIY acupuncture'''' without needles.  It was developed from the tapping therapies used by kinesiologists, vai the propriety therapy TFT.

EFT works on the same subtle energies used in acupuncture which dates back over 5,000 years to Ancient Chinese Medicine. It is a powerful yet simple self healing technique that helps you manage your own health. EFT can help alleviate symptoms such as aches/pains, phobias/fears, anxiety, fact many symptoms associated with sickness and ill health. In effect, this means EFT can be self applied or used with a practioner.

Similar therapies exist which are often given this name, but which more correctly should be termed ''''Meridian Therapy'''', ''''Energy Therapy'''' or ''''Meridian Tapping Therapy''''

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