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 How can I find the practitioner I need amongst the hundreds of qualified practitioners now listed on this site?

The site practitioners listings are very flexible, and there are many ways to search them.  Which method you use depends upon just what you want.

If you are searching for a particular grade or type of practitioner (eg a Level 3 Practitioner or a BSFF Practitioner) the best place to start is in the upper left menu where you can click on the grade you seek.

If you know the first name of the practitioner you seek use the "Full Practitioner Listing" in the upper menu.  If you click on that tab you will jump to the search page.  If you know the forename of the therapist you want use the "Choose Practitioner " box where , in the drop-down list, you will find the practitioners listed alphabetically by first name. 

If you only know the surname of the practitioner you seek put the name in the "Search By Keyword" box and practitioners with that name will be found.

If you are seeking a practitioner in a particular country use the drop-down list in the ''"Search By Location" box.  If you want a more detailed location search use the "Search By Keyword" box.  If you place the location name in the box you will find all practitioners who have that word in their address or listing.

If you are seeking a practitioner with a specific speciality use the "Search by Speciality" box


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