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 What is BSFF?

Like EFT, BSFF was also developed in America following the work of psychologist Dr Roger Callahan. However, it developed along different lines and now uses different tapping points and techniques.  Later versions of BSFF, often called iBSFF, do not use tapping at all.

It was developed by Larry Nims, a clinical psychologist, and has been widely used in the US and across the world. Larry continues to develop and refine his method and it has developed into a simple and very effective process.

Larry has now developed an "Advanced BSFF" Workshop format and had appointed a number of trainers to present it across the world on his behalf and BSFF Certification issue by them is backed by both Larry Nims and the Calamus University and those who reach practitioner level may list as BSFF Practitioners on this site

For more information see Larry Nims'''''''' web site at

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