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 What is the qualification EFT Master Practitioner based upon, and how is it attained?

The qualification "EFT Master Practitioner" was instigated by Gary Craig (the founder of EFT) in 2005 and has been awarded only to a small number of EFT practitioners who have shown considerable skill and dedication to EFT.  Before the status was awarded they had to demonstrate their mastery of EFT by running a live session in front of Gary himself and Ann Adams, who was the administrator of the program. The session was videoed for later critique.

Those who successfully showed thier skill in the live session were then required to undertake a detailed written examination.

Only about 30 practitioners world-wide have attained this grade.

In 2007 Gary Criag turned over the responsibility for the masters'''''''' program to the masters themselves.  Ann Adams is still acting as its administrator.

A link to a listing of Masters is to be found in the upper left hand menu on the home page of this site.

There is a site dedicated to UK Master Practitioners at ""

Since the withdrawal of gary Craig''''s Masters'''' Program there has been not way for therapists to attain that status



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