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 Who can list as a practitioner on this site?

To list on this site, you must be able show that you are properly qualified as a Practitioner.

If you wish to be listed as an  Practitioner, you must normally hold an Practitioner Certificate at at least Level 2, and your trainer must have reported your qualification to the Listing Secreatary (EFTUK@AOL.COM).  Ther is no charge for listing. If you hold a practitioner certificate in an Energy Therapy from a recognised body you may also be allowed to list on this site

If you do not hold such a certificate,   you may still be allowed a listing on this site.  However. The site was originally set up as a service for AAMET Practitioners and those wishing to list who have trained elsewhere will need to be assessed to show that their training is equivalent to that required by the AAMET.  There may be a charge for this assessment, unless you hold a recognised practitioner certificate from another Body

Those wishing to list as TAT Practitioner or BSFF Practitioners must hold a recognised practitioner in those therapies, and should send details to the Listing Secretary as above

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