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Who can register on this site?

Anyone who holds an Energy Therapy Practitioner Certificate for any therapy at any level,or ...

What is BSFF?

Like EFT, BSFF was also developed in America following the work of psychologist Dr Roger ...

What formal qualifications are available in Energy Therapy?

A number of Organisations provide qualification for Practitioner (Level 2 & 3) and some ...

What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)?

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT as it is simply known, is a form of energy healing. It is ...

How can I learn Energy Therapy?

Learning Energy Therapy can be achieved at many different levels.

There are  DVDs ...

I hold an Level 2 certificate but cannot see how to join this site and list in this site. How do I join and how do I list?

Once your trainer has reported your qualification to us, you are free to register on this site ...

How can I find the practitioner I need amongst the hundreds of qualified practitioners now listed on this site?

The site practitioners listings are very flexible, and there are many ways to search them.  ...

What is the meaning status "Energy Therapist"?

The term "Energy Therapist" to cover a number of Energy Therapies other than EFT. ...

How can I register and upload my Listing onto this site?

Anyone can register.  If you look at the "Help File" in the lower lefy menu on ...

Who can list as a practitioner on this site?

To list on this site, you must be able show that you are properly qualified as a ...

What is the qualification EFT Master Practitioner based upon, and how is it attained?

The qualification "EFT Master Practitioner" was instigated by Gary Craig (the founder ...

How can I post events on this site?

There have ...

What is iTAT? Is it a type of TAT?

iTAT is a development of TAT, based on some of the basic TAT principles, but it is a quite ...

With Gary Craig's recent, but now soon to be withdrawn, introduction of his own certification levels, and considering that he does not recognise any other certification, does his certification automatically grant listing on this site?
Gary''''s certification, excellent as it ...
What is the meaning of the term EFT+?

The term EFT+ has beem used to refer to all those therapies which have been developed from EFT ...

What are meridian tapping techniques?

How do these tapping therapies work?

Meridian tapping therapies are a simple combination of "tapping" or ...

What are the Benefits of meridian tapping techniques?

Meridian tapping techniqies are simple and easy to use, pain free & non invasive. They offer ...

What can Tapping Therapies be used for?

Tapping therapies can help with EVERYTHING !!! Aches/Pains associated with illness, disease, ...

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