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 How to Quick Start Yourself with BSFF

View image in full This article describes the essential basics of BSFF, and takes the reader to the position where they can go ahead and use the therapy on themselves

How to Quick Start Yourself With BSFF


Please read this entire paper first. Then you can start using BSFF even before reading the BSFF Manual. The essential basics of BSFF are explained here. Go ahead and use the treatments after reading this.


Getting Started With BE SET FREE FAST (BSFF)


Most uses of the well-known psychological “defense mechanisms” and our various “coping strategies” are designed to protect us from the consequences of consciously experiencing, expressing, or “acting out” our negative thoughts and emotions. Traumatic experiences tend to make us “hide out” from our feelings even more.


But, now we can eliminate these negative thoughts, memories, emotions and traumas without going through them again or being traumatized by them again. BE SET FREE FAST (BSFF) is a simple, gentle, yet very powerful and efficient method for doing this.


In BSFF, a “problem” is defined as a set of unresolved negative emotions that arise from a long series of psychologically painful experiences. An “issue” is a set of problems, which occur together. These negative experiences begin in the early months of life, long before we have learned to recognize, identify or verbalize them. In fact, we are literally trained not to recognize or acknowledge most of them.


I refer to these experiences and to the associated accumulated negative feelings simply as “emotional roots,” which eventually have gotten locked together with a belief system.


The belief system then makes the “problem” occur at a specific time, for a specific duration, with a specific intensity, for a very specific purpose, and to assure a precise and specific outcome. It makes no difference that you consciously and logically might prefer a different outcome. Your subconscious mind faithfully does this on “automatic pilot.”


That is, the belief system essentially says to your subconscious mind: “Do this, at this time, and make this happen in my experience. That is, in my mind (or in my body/emotions/spirit/work/finances/success/skill development/athletic performance/achievement/relationships, etc.)”


Whenever the triggering situation occurs in your internal and/or external experience, your subconscious mind, as your neutral “faithful servant,” immediately recreates the unpleasant problem or personal limitation.


There can be many layers or levels of secondary, tertiary, and even deeper sets of problems that accompany any problem that we may consciously notice. These hidden problems indirectly help to set up or feed into the consciously detected or identified problem.


Fortunately, with just one use of your cue word(s) all levels of roots and beliefs involved with each individually treated problem are eliminated simultaneously, along with the identified problem that you intend to treat. No matter how many emotional roots are involved, your “faithful servant” (your subconscious, psychological mind) will eliminate all of the roots and the belief system at all levels for each specific problem that you treat.


Amazingly, this constitutes the entire BSFF treatment. Notice that your subconscious mind does all of the actual treatment work. You just cue it to do so by using your word(s) to signal to it that you intend for your faithful servant to eliminate that problem.


Now, choose a word or short phrase that you want to use for your cue to your subconscious mind. It can be any word or short phrase that you want to use as your cue. If you use the cue word at any other time it will have no effect on any problem.


For the cue to trigger a BSFF treatment you must also combine it with your intention to treat a specific problem. The simple process of just consciously noticing a problem and using your cue will prompt your subconscious to eliminate that one problem. You do not have to identify, label or understand the problem. You just notice it and treat it by using your cue word(s).


The BSFF Instructions To Your

Subconscious Mind


Give the following instructions only one time (ever) to your subconscious mind. It will always agree to do everything that you have told it to do for you from then on.[1] You will never need to give these instructions again. They will continue to be operative forever, unless you tell your “faithful servant” not to do this for you anymore. (But I can’t imagine why anyone would cancel it.)


All of what you have read so far is for your subconscious mind to understand what you mean by a “problem” and what you want your subconscious mind to do for you.


Below (in italics) is the entire set of instructions to give to your subconscious mind. Just read or say this to your subconscious mind—just once is enough. Don’t be concerned about whether you consciously understand all of this so far. Your subconscious mind does understand it, and it will reliably do all this for you.


BSFF SET-UP instructions to OUR Subconscious Mind

Below are the most recent, expanded instructions for your own subconscious mind, which now include the wholeness of all of who you are. These new (May 2002)[2] instructions are designed to include every possible part of OUR personality and the whole person (that we usually refer to as “I” or “me”) that may contain any causal piece of the problem that we have consciously noticed and are intending for OUR subconscious mind to treat (to eliminate). These instructions replace those in the BSFF Manual and in the insert that usually accompanies the Manual or that you may have received previously.


Of course, with their permission, you can give these instructions to someone else’s subconscious mind. You will need to restate the instructions as though you are talking to that person’s subconscious mind. That is, you speak to it in the first person, singular. For example, you start by saying; “I am giving this instruction to you, Bill’s subconscious mind, and to all related parts of Bill’s personality.”


As you already have learned, you simply read or say this to your subconscious mind--just once is enough. Don’t be concerned about whether you consciously understand all of this so far. Your subconscious mind will understand it, and it will reliably do all this for you. More conscious understanding will come spontaneously as you use BSFF, read the BSFF Manual, and re-read the instructions again later.


You will notice that the instructions to the subconscious are phrased using the terms “OUR, ALL, OUR ALL, US or WE”, this is very significant, as it includes all of those parts of you (your personality and whole being) that are mentioned below in the second paragraph of the set-up instructions. For comprehensive treatment effectiveness, each of these parts need to be recognized and acknowledged as possible “storage areas” for various features of each specific problem being addressed.


WE must consider the possibility that, at some stage in OUR being’s psychological growth and development, some parts of US may well have “broken away” (fragmented/dissociated) due to a lack of self-worth or self-respect, or due to some traumatic experience that has created a negative association to a particular problem that we now want to eliminate. We have, as a defense against this psychological pain, unknowingly—subconsciously—dissociated part of OUR self from that painful experience.


This vital and essential part of OUR self needs to be invited back into and included in each psychological treatment/healing/clearing with BSFF. This is an important invitation and recognition for whole and effective psychological treatment/healing/clearing to be carried out completely and permanently.


Please note that we are treating only psychological problems and issues with BSFF. We are not doing medical healing in any way. We are treating psychological factors (emotional roots and belief systems) that may in some way directly or indirectly be contributing to some types of physical symptoms or problems. We do not make any claims to, in any way, treat medical problems.


Now, here are the instructions, in italics, to give just once to your “faithful servant,” your amazing subconscious mind:


“These instructions are for you, OUR subconscious mind. Whenever WE consciously notice any problem that WE intend for you to eliminate and WE just think or speak OUR chosen cue/trigger/phrase you will do the entire BSFF treatment for US for that problem. The cue(s) that WE choose to use is/are:______________________________


“You will simultaneously treat all genetic/ancestral, generational, present, and all dissociated/fragmented parts, emotional roots and beliefs involved in or with these problems and/or related experiences. This means that that you will treat all mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and all dissociated/fragmented parts of all these problems, (all of which, in any combination, are subsequently referred to as OUR ALL, US, OUR, etc.).


“You will eliminate all of these parts at all levels, which may directly or indirectly in any way contribute to, feed into, help cause, or in any way maintain or support each specific problem that WE have noticed and intend for you to treat. In every treatment you will treat/clear all these things completely and permanently.


“This means that you, OUR subconscious mind, will eliminate all of the negative and limiting mental, emotional roots and beliefs involved in each problem that WE choose and intend for you to treat. You will include, in every treatment, the very first to the last time that WE ever experienced any and all parts of whatever problem that WE are signaling you to eliminate.


“You will also simultaneously eliminate every Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) factor that is associated with and has been triggered, or re-triggered, in or by each emotional root experience involved with every problem that WE treat.


“You will thoroughly resolve these PTS effects so that they no longer cause US any sort of mental, emotional physical or spiritual discomfort or imbalance. The PTS factors that you will eliminate include all seven of the following negative effects on OUR ALL.

·        Shock to OUR system

·        Trauma to OUR system

·        Stress to OUR system

·        Distress to OUR system

·        Upset to OUR system

·        Disturbance to OUR system

·        Bother OUR system


“You will do all this for US whether or not WE consciously know what the problem is, and even when WE cannot identify, describe or label the problem with words. WE need only consciously notice the problem, use OUR cue/phrase that WE have chosen, and you will treat and eliminate the problem and all related parts to that problem completely and permanently.


“You will do all of this for US no matter what combinations of OUR ALL were involved/included at the time each of these related problems were being established or re-experienced.


“You will completely and permanently eliminate each and every problem that WE treat along with all subconscious programming WE may have that will now or ever cause US to keep the problem/s, to take them back, to allow them to come back, to permit them to return, or to passively accept or receive them back in any way, shape or form.


“You will simultaneously also eliminate each and every problem that would make US vulnerable to any treated problem/s returning in any way or at any time in the future.


“Whenever WE signal you to treat and eliminate each specific problem you will also bring to OUR conscious mind a clear awareness, in terms, images words or symbols that WE can consciously recognize, interpret and understand, of any and all problems that are in any way related to the problem that WE are currently treating.


“You will do all this for US from now on, for any problem/s that WE ever consciously notice and intend to treat, whenever WE initiate the treatment with OUR cue word/phrase ____________. You will do this for US with any and all cues/phrases that WE ever tell you that WE want to use. WE simply need only notice a problem and initiate the treatment with OUR thought or with OUR voice by using any one of OUR cues.


“Whenever WE treat for any judgment, criticism and unforgiveness or any other negative attitudes that WE may have toward OUR self you will include in each treatment every anger, judgment, criticism and unforgiveness toward OUR self that WE may not have treated in previous treatment sessions. You will do this update treatment work no matter how long ago WE did the previous treatments.


“Likewise, whenever WE treat for anger or unforgiveness toward another person, or group of people, WE are treating for the whole personality and parts of each person or for each person in the group of persons. This will be so even if WE use the word “you” or use their name(s)as we refer to them in the treatments.


“Subconscious mind, you will always do all of these things that we have instructed for you to do for US from now on, no matter what condition, circumstance or situation that WE are in or what problem WE may be imagining or remembering. And WE thank you and deeply appreciate and respect you for always being OUR faithful servant in all of these ways.”


These 15 paragraphs comprise the entire BSFF instruction to your subconscious mind. Yes, this is a long statement, and it is meant to be thoroughly comprehensive. It is crucial to eliminate everything that is in any way contributing to each problem, and leave nothing to be triggered that might signal the subconscious mind to rebuild the problem or issue.


The important point is to be thorough in treating every related problem involved in the issue that you have noticed. Many situations are often a mixture of many different issues and/or individual problems. Be alert for this possibility and treat everything! Don’t leave any problems untreated that may be involved in whatever situation you are in.


If any problem in an issue is left untreated, it can be a “hook” for the whole issue to be reconstructed. This has been a major limitation of all conventional psychotherapies for the past fifty years. We did not have the tools for totally and permanently eliminating all the problems involved in the person’s life. Now we do.


These treatments always eliminate each problem. And they do so instantly. While it is possible for a problem to return, it is not very likely because of the thoroughness of this work. Of course, any problem can be readily treated again, as needed.


There are other things to learn about using BSFF that can deepen this work, for example, the 'Fail-Safe' treatment sequence (see below). But, you can do far more with just this simple method than you ever could before. Study the BSFF Manual. You will discover many ideas, strategies, examples and methods for being set free and for creating your new life of freedom and choice.


How do I know what to treat?


This treatment method is so simple that it is easy to make it too complex, because we have been trained to complicate things so much. With BSFF you simply notice that you are not, in some way, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually

·        functioning well or optimally

·        feeling, doing or being your best

·        feeling in balance or equilibrium in some dimension

·        comfortable or at peace in yourself, or with someone else, or in some situation.


You simply notice these things and use your cue for your subconscious mind to treat (eliminate) each one of them. Even most physical symptoms have a psychological source, so they typically respond well to BSFF treatments.


For relationship issues the page, below, with three columns of negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes can be a helpful guide for recognizing problems to treat.


However, you do not even need to know what the problem is or be able to describe the problem or symptom. It’s fine to describe it or try to understand it. But this is not necessary for your subconscious mind to treat it fully and effectively. You can eliminate the problem without knowing what it actually is and without understanding it. Just keep using your cue. Your faithful servant will take care of most all problems for you.


As my father would often say “I don’t understand all I know about this.” Thankfully, we do not have to understand the “what, how, or why” of our problems, or of the way BSFF works, in order to BE SET FREE. The new freedom we all are seeking here does not, and cannot, come from intellectual understanding. It comes from skillfully utilizing the amazing resources that are available to our subconscious mind, our faithful servant.


Your subconscious mind is monitoring and recording everything that you are thinking, feeling, doing and experiencing. It knows the whole history of the problem that you are consciously noticing. So, when you use your cue word(s) for whatever you notice, your faithful servant will know exactly what you intend for it to do. It will immediately eliminate the problem. Always.


Yet, it is possible for a problem to return. This does not happen a lot, but sometime it does. See the BSFF Manual for ways to help prevent this from happening. Of course, you can always eliminate the problem again just as easily as before. You don’t have to put up with keeping a problem just because there may have been some “hook” to set it up to return.


It is your intention combined with your cue that activates your subconscious mind to faithfully treat the problem that you consciously noticed. And every time that you use your cue for a problem, that problem will be treated instantly.


Of course, sometimes there are issues (multiple problems going on simultaneously) so you need to treat each problem successively until you return to balance, harmony and peace in the area that you are treating. Just keep noticing and treating until you are feeling or doing just fine.


Also, watch for the Fail-Safe system. If you have treated something ten or fifteen times and you still don’t feel free of it, or if you don’t seem to be making progress with it, then do all ten of the fail-safe steps as if they each were a separate problem. That will often get you the break-through that you are after.


If you have experience with using various energy psychology methods that require tapping procedures and affirmations, you can now simply use your cue for each problem that you would have used tapping for previously. The subconscious mind does all of the treatment for you, without any tapping or statements at all.[3]


Use BSFF for everything. Keep using it. You will be delighted with what you can do with it to help yourself and others. Now, with BSFF, you can eliminate unresolved problems quickly and thoroughly.


At last, you can take charge of your life in wonderful new ways. Now, you can BE SET FREE FAST. God bless you with your new freedom!




BE SET FREE FAST Treatment Steps


Here is the exact sequential process of doing BSFF work. This is all you do after you have given the treatment instructions to your subconscious mind. Please do all ten steps in this sequential order to get the fully effective results that are possible with BSFF. If you still have questions about the procedure, please ask me.[4] I do want you to learn to use BSFF skillfully so that you, too, will get the wonderful results and freedom that it gives.

1) Notice the problem with your conscious mind. You do not have to describe, identify, or label the problem. If you have words or labels for the problem, fine, but it is not necessary for totally effective treatment. You only need consciously to notice that you have a problem. Just notice and treat. And, remember-- treat everything!

2) Treat each problem. That is, think, whisper, speak, visualize, or write your cue word to treat that problem. Your subconscious mind does the actual treatment work--immediately and instantly--for you. It thoroughly eliminates each specific problem with just one use of your cue.

Remember, your subconscious mind is always monitoring everything that you experience, including what your conscious mind is noticing and doing. It knows the entire history and purpose of each problem you are noticing, and it will faithfully respond to your intention to treat each problem when you signal your “faithful servant” by using your cue word(s).


3) Treat all angers and unforgiveness that you may have toward another person at the time that you are working on problems with that relationship. Likewise, treat any anger at God, the world, or life as it arises.

4) Treat each problem involved in every issue until you feel a sense of peace and comfort in relationship to the problem/issue you are working on. That is, keep treating until, when you attune (tune in to) it again, you have no more negative experience of any kind about it at all (in your mind, emotions, body and spirit) as you think about each problem or

issue on which you are working. Basically, this means keep treating until the problem(s) have no more negative impact on you at all.
5) Treat all problems that you have time for in your session with yourself. Be sure to treat every problem involved in each issue that you work on during your session.


6) Always allow time at the end of each session to treat for the following very common problems. Most of these problems appear for everyone, due to old subconscious programming in all of us. Treat all possible variations of these “stoppers” that you may have. Treat these after you have finished treating every problem that you can during your session. Then do steps 7-10.

¨      “I am afraid that these treatments won’t work for me.”

¨      “I am afraid that these treatments won’t last.”

¨      “ I doubt that they will work.”

¨      “I doubt that they will last.”

¨      “I don’t trust myself to do things effectively in these new ways”

¨      “I doubt my ability to live these changes out in my life.”

¨      “I am vulnerable to taking back one or more of the problems I have treated.”


Notice that self-doubt and self-distrust are extremely common problems in everyone. So, treat every instance of these that you can discover.


Very Important: If you are not sure whether any of these problems are   occurring in you, then just treat each one as if it is operating for you. That way you will be sure to clear them all up.


7) Then, at the end of each treatment session it is imperative to clear up all anger and unforgiveness toward yourself that is related to the problems you have been working on in that session. First, treat all angers.


Do one treatment (use your cue once) for all angers at or toward yourself about all of the problems that you have treated during that session. That is, you do only one treatment for all the angers involved in every problem that you have just been working on in that entire session. WE are always angry, judgmental and critical toward ourselves for every problem that we discover or notice in ourselves. And I do mean always. So always treat this anger.

8) Now forgive yourself for all of the problems that you have been working on in that session. Again, just do one forgiveness treatment for the combined total of unforgivenesses toward yourself about all the problems you have been working on. (See the forgiveness procedures, below.)


9) Use whatever spiritual method you have to clear up (in your relationship to your Creator/God) the negative spiritual effects of the judgmental, critical and unforgiving attitudes you have been holding in combination with any of the problems you have just treated. This is crucial in order to help insure that treated problems do not return. However, if any problem does return, simply treat it thoroughly again.


10) 'Dust yourself off,' get up and go enjoy your new freedom! J  And quickly zap any other negativity that comes up as you go on in your life of new freedom and personal effectiveness.


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  Anna Donald, 0000-00-00
I'll try this - sounds interesting. Thanks very much.
  Chantal, 0000-00-00
Hallo ,seems almost too beautifuul to be good, i'll try this. Must the cue a positief or a negatief ? I am afraid i have made a mistake , to introduce one negatief, kan that be fixed? Thanks you very much. Blessing, Chantal
  II, 0000-00-00
thank you so much for this updated article on bsff! What about combining the best technologies like EFT, and nlp reframing work to create powerful changes?
  Edwin, 0000-00-00
It sounds interesting, I am a little confused on what statement to use and how often to do it.
  tommy neilan, 0000-00-00
a very intresting concept I hope it will bring about a positive result with practise
  tommy neilan, 0000-00-00
a very intresting concept with which I hope to resolve things within myself and others with practice
  SirNamath, 0000-00-00
This is just amazing.
  liz dunphy, 0000-00-00
I found that for 2 or 3 days after I read the statement I had extrodinary results, and now the results seem to have faded despite persistant use of my 'phrase' .... wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
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