There is now an additional EFT Organisation you are qualified to join if you hold an EFT Practitioner certification.

It is the "EFT Matrix Re-imprinting Academy (EFTMRA) If you have a Practitioner Certificate from AAMET, Energy Therapists' World-wide Net, or EFT-Universe you are eligible to apply. You can hold this qualification in addition to those of other Organisations

Joining the EFTMRA gives access to Practitioner Insurance at £49.75 / ann and allows you to join a closed Facebook group which is for EFTMRA Members only

This is how you can apply to join the EFTMRA :-

To qualify as an EFTMRA Practitioner you first need to pass an on-line test. This will cost US$12.95 (approx UK£7.60) which also covers the cost of a certificate, membership of the EFTMRA , access to their e-newsletter and to their Facebook Group.

There are no further annual fees for continued membership.